D50 Series Guitar


There is no doubt that this is tantamount to a whole single.

We know that actually determines the largest part of a guitar sound is actually the first panel followed by the bottom plate the bottom of the table is in addition to outside are on the side single board. It appears that in the single Banqin configuration collocation to have a new experience the use of such collocation can make a single sound performance reached the bottom of the table close to the single and direct cost can be controlled effectively it can be said that this is a full list! It is the best of both worlds.


All mahogany wood all blend into one harmonious whole collocation all single experience beyond imagination. African mahogany flavor outstanding excellent in low frequency sound directly without sharp excellent performance in the fast - in. So in the mahogany table at the end of the design we hope to be in the low frequency sound to play to the extreme in the neck two internal structure using the same material of African mahogany the 50 series of guitar feedback more directly in the overall resonance in low frequency tone can give people more transparent comfortable and quiet feel.

Hand cleaning process is the source and support of the 50 series of the full sense of the heart of the peach blossom it makes every guitar has different levels. The high-definition crystal light paint technology clear and transparent paint reflects the warmth of the whole single sun. The fast pace of life may disturb your mood you can find out in a mahogany warm tone silk goods polishing apt the hearts love the fingertips touch Germany manual five fight neck stabilization hand inlaid mouth round features set the number of process in one but have a unique style.


If the North American West Attica sound feels more like a strong passion these days so African mahogany feels more like spring. Yes Eugene brand 50 series full mahogany is designed for warm ballad.

Flying in the urban air notes hidden in the reinforced concrete high-rise and a shopping crowd cries vehicles whistle. The streets of high decibel sound sound perhaps only to hit the peach heart warm heart resonance.

Away from a city went to another city for the unknown scenery we always hold the vision and curiosity. The 50 series is to let you get away from the moment the best partner to release yourself. And the meaning of travel is to go how to give more lonely landscape painting color. G50MINI is the keg shaped Eugene brand love light design look at it like to see the sun but also how to travel alone?

Body Style: Dreadnought / OM / Grand Symphony mini Top: Solid African Mahogany
Back: Solid African Mahogany Sides: African Mahogany
Neck: African Mahogany And Rosewood With The Neck Five Splicing Of German Technology Regulating Rod: 420mm Bidirectional Regulation
Neck Thickness: 20.5mm-22.5mm(1F-10F) Fretboard: Rosewood/43*55mm
Fretboard Inlay: Ф4mm Shell Dots Bridge: Rosewood
Binding: Rosewood/ Radian R=3.0 mm Soundhole Rosette: Cocobolo & Shell Handcraft Inlay
Finish: Glossy Head LOGO: Shell Inlay
Head patch: 2mm Rosewood Nut&Saddle: Bovine Bone
Strings: American D’Addario EXP16 .012-.053 Scale Length: 648mm±2mm
Tuning Machines: Eugene brand gold tuning machines

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