E30-BK Electric Guitar


E30-BK is an intermediate style of Electric guitar series, a senior rosewood fingerboard, collocation mahogany and maple body painting, classic white, make deep and sweet voice, flowing out at your fingertips jump down at.

Body: Mahogany Electric Guitar Overlay: 16mm American Maple
Neck: Mahogany Fingerboard: Indian Rosewood
Bridge: Wilkinson Stationary Fingerboard Trim: None
Body Trim: Ivory ABS Product Note: White Plastic Shell
Pillow: PPS Steel Handle: Bonded
Chord: Die-cast chrome Strings: D'Addario
Pickup: Double - Double Alnico Protector: None
Gear: 3rd Gear Knob: Volume Knob * 2 Tone Knob * 2
Accessories: Chrome-colored Scale Lines: 22
Chord: 635mm Painting: BK / Cool Black

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