F10S-NS Steel-string Acoustic Guitar


In 2013, the company launched a batch of spruce for ten years, and launched the F10S-NS series. The long dry wood has stronger adaptability to external environment, greatly reduces the possible problems because of humidity, temperature changes caused by. The back board uses a delicate wooden back side board with a string of Dario. F10S full range of models, a total of eight models for choice.

Acoustic Guitar Panel: Spruce Veneer Backboard: Mahogany
Sidebar: Mahogany Neck: Natsuki
Fingerboard: Rosewood Bridge: Rosewood
Body Trims: Black ABS Product Note: White ABS
Pillow: PPS Steel Handle: Screwless
Chord: Farida Die-cast chrome Strings: D'Addario
Protector: Red tortoise shell Scale Lines: 20 items
Chord: 650mm Painting: NS / Natural Matte

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