G850 MINI Series Guitar


How to create a box guitar that is born on the stage is what we have been thinking about. The emergence of the 850 series box guitar seems to be an interpretation of everything.

We spent a lot of time on the pickup. TX-6 pickup is based on the characteristics of Eugene products, repeatedly after many musicians debugging, repeatedly optimized circuit parameters created. Whether it is playing or fingering playing the mixed pickup are unparalleled performance. The pickup tuning knob has also become a new patent Eugene.


The hidden "black technology" of the 850 series comes from the built-in mixer in the pickup TX-6 circuit board, which is the real killer of this electric box guitar! A complicated mixing console, concentrated to a small circuit board, the degree of difficulty can be imagined, compatibility, accuracy, sound effects are the technical problems we have to overcome. TX-6's strength lies in the built-in mixer equipped with 8 output tuning channels, all-round fine tuning, musicians can according to different materials, configuration, barrel-shaped different tone characteristics, deployment of an optimal sound program, Each guitar sound is unique, which undoubtedly gives the musician the perfect stage expression!

Not only that, TX-6 excellent dual pickup system with high-precision tuner, the calibration accuracy of ± 2Cents. Pressure sensitive pickup using the United States produced high-quality piezoelectric film as the core material, the real difference from 20Hz to 20KHz response, clear, thorough height reduction of each play details, to a greater extent for different styles of musicians and Music provides customized services. At the same time equipped with a produced by the Buster Sound Lab, a professional microphone for hybrid pickups, the treble clearer, full bass, rich bass, audio clearer, more harmonious tone, not only satisfied the fingers The need to play the board, but also for any style of music interpretation adds a sense of movement and space.

In the configuration and technology, we also give the same attention. In the choice of wood, the 850 is Eugene product system and a table form the bottom of the configuration of the guitar, the North American West Ti Ka card veneer panels, African Mahogany veneer back, the classic match, but it is almost all A single sound level, simply perfect.

Rosewood fingerboard, mosaic white butterfly grape leaf pattern, to avoid excessive decoration, simple yet elegant, highlight the stylish and elegant, and then hand-painted high-definition varnish, Taiwan custom high-precision gold-plated chord, it is the whole guitar Body very visual impact, full of tension.

As Eugene's first electric box guitar, the table at the end of a single pickup with ultra-timbre level pickup, the real set of "black technology" in one, the 850 series electric box guitar is undoubtedly the real stage darling.

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