J1880F Series Guitar


As we explore music and study guitar, we also explore the heart, how a guitar can be a friend, or a friend.

At this point, Eugene brand Flyer 1880 full single series was born.

When Cedar card spruce meets the East Indian rosewood, is the classic standard, above the sound will collide a more wonderful performance.

We know that Cedar Spruce as one of the most classic materials for acoustic guitar panels has a much clearer bass, crisp and penetrating treble than the Engelmann spruce. When coupled with the gentle, rich sound of the East Indian rosewood, you will find his low-frequency anomalous calm, with a strong harmonic overtone that makes the entire guitar perform well in the playing process, strong but not Powerless, clear but not sharp, penetrating but not too dry.


This is willing to try and innovate musicians provide the most options, will not be limited to a certain kind of music playing style, to experience more ways, different experiences.

Flyer1880 as a full single, whether it is a one-piece neck with five spell to ensure the stability of the guitar, or the sprocket embedded technology, are the stability and beauty of the guitar to achieve almost perfect. The knob, while maintaining the unique Eugene brand shape premise, it is the use of a 1:20 chord string chord, the back cover inlaid with an onyx, refined and noble.

Rosewood fingerboard with white butterfly inlaid with a bird pattern, white butterfly transparent texture, bird fly above the fingerboard.

Look at the birds, as if to examine another one, life is not a stage, everyone with a yoke in the dance, how to get rid of the shackles, to jump out of the rules set by others, obey the heart, do yourself, to dream, to fly.

Barrel: JF Type JF Notched Panel: Class AAA European Spruce
Backside: AAA East Indian Rosewood Neck: One-on-one African Mahogany + Rosewood Five-stitched craft in Germany
ADJUSTING BAR: Australian neck adjustment technology Neck Thickness: 20.5mm-22.5mm (1F-10F)
Fingerboard: Rosewood / 43 * 55mm Fingerboard Mosaic: White Butterfly Beige bird motif
Down: Rosewood Flanger: Mahogany chamfer + mahogany
Flower spike: Abalone shellfish + maple maple handmade inlay Painting: Hand painted high-definition varnish
Qin head LOGO: White Butterfly Charm LOGO + White Butterfly inlay bird pattern inlay up and down pillow: high-grade real bone
Strings: ELIXIR Elixir 012-053 Chord: 648mm & 2mm
Chord: Made in Taiwan Customized 20-Pair Agate Cover with Gilt Chord Buckle
Headstock: 2mm Brazil Coco Pineapple

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