Questions and Answers

How do you ensure original contents?

Media Outlook knows content is not a group of sentences. Content is the driving force and it is contents that search engines scan. Quite often many content firms believe any fresher who knows 26 alphabets can write content. They are vastly mistaken. Our creative writers study the client's business, ask questions, think and create. Content as message is born of fresh thinking.

What does total media solutions mean?

We take up all your media needs, beginning with a press release or company news letter to creative media articles and advertisements. It is like your IT solutions. We take up all your media needs and tailor a programme or a series of programmes that suit you and your purse. This is possible because we are media–experienced people who know the roles of each media–print and electronics–and their impact.

How do you do personal positioning? Who are eligible for it?

First question first. Media positioning is making a brand of a personality. If the brand already exists like a celebrity, he/she too needs nurturing to sustain the aura. We do that after studying the person and his area of work or interests. To give a simple example, phenomenal actor Rajanikant appears a 30 year old youth singing, dancing and thrashing baddies on screen while the fact is he is a senior citizen but his makeup man takes up the role of transforming him. But makeup man is zero minus Rajani. Ours is the makeup man role. Performance and personality are all yours.

And for the second query, all persons—from debutante to celebrity to corporate honcho—are eligible for people positioning provided he/she can afford the cost. Desire + Potential+ Affordability= Branding. Simply put, it is making you acceptable in a social niche which may be a social service area, environmental activism, nature loving breed which could also include well-meaning political beings.

How long does it take to branding personnel?

Depends, if it is budding talent, it takes longer time while a corporate head or a celebrity, it takes shorter period.

How do you define creative space as the company claims?

Creative space means newsy matters that have a social interests. Many corporate entities have news value though it takes a perceptive eye to scoop it up and project. After all, a leader in one arena is bound to have a quality beside his/her professional space and we capture it and project it for his sake.

Who come under public personalities for branding?

All those dealing with public come under public personalities. They could also be persons and organisations that deal with public welfare or they could be political leaders who live in the midst of people.

Have you a rate card for different services?

Yes for a basic level, though it is highly flexible depending of the nature of work.